Our Team

Jenny Montoya Tansey

(JEH-nee mahn-TOY-ah TAN-zee)

Senior Program Officer

Jenny is the Senior Program Officer for Democracy and Justice at Yellow Chair Foundation. She was drawn to Yellow Chair by its embrace of the principles of trust-based philanthropy which is, at its core, about redistributing power in service of equity.

Prior to joining PFS in 2021, Jenny worked in policy, strategy, and research in nonprofits and government. As a senior advisor in the Obama Administration, Jenny helped rebuild the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s civil rights office which tackles issues including discrimination in lending, access to public benefits, education, and policing. For the last decade, she has focused her efforts on justice reform, helping to refocus our public safety priorities on healing, prevention, and corporate accountability in leadership roles at Californians for Safety and Justice, Code for America, and Public Rights Project. She has also served as a consultant to philanthropy, helping foundations create new investment and capacity building strategies on a wide range of social issues.

Jenny is a graduate of Stanford Law School and lives with her family in Oakland. She enjoys backpacking, body surfing, butter on warm flour tortillas, and thinks prioritizing friends is the key to life happiness.