Our Team

Raquel Donoso

(Raw-kell duh-NOH-soh)


Senior Program Officer

Raquel is the Senior Program Officer of Equity in Education for the Yellow Chair Foundation. She is deeply committed to ensuring equitable opportunities for students so they can achieve their dreams.

Prior to joining PFS in 2018, Raquel was the inaugural director of the Mission Promise Neighborhood, a federally funded collective impact initiative in San Francisco. She spent seven years as the CEO of the Latino Community Foundation and began her career in public policy advocating at the state level around health, education, environmental, and civic engagement issues. She is an alum of the Annie E. Casey Children and Family Fellowship and has served on numerous philanthropic and community initiatives. She is currently on the boards of the West Contra Costa Education Fund, Alliance for Girls, Teen Success, and Familias Unidas.

Raquel received both her BA in anthropology and MPH from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently completing her doctorate in educational leadership from the University of California, Davis. When not working or attending a community meeting, Raquel loves to spend time with her husband and sons and enjoying the beauty of the Bay Area.