Our Demographics

We value diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds in our work and in the world.


To fully activate our values of inclusion and integrity PFS gathered staff and ownership demographic data as part of our commitment to transparency and valuing diversity.

The data below was collected from surveys of PFS staff in 2023, totaling 39 people, the majority of which are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and each representing members of our accounting, grants management, operations, and program teams. There are 9 people considered senior staff. All data reflect how individuals self-identify.

Scroll over the charts below to view percentage break-down per category.

Racial or ethnic group/s with which you currently identify

Sex with which you currently identify

Gender/gender identity with which you currently identify

Sexual orientation and/or sexual identity with which you currently identify

Current age in years

Generational status in the United States

PFS Ownership

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