Our Team

Araceli Ayala

(ah-ra-SEH-lee ah-yah-lah)


Grants Manager

Araceli joined the PFS team in 2021 as a Grants Manager. They are committed to facilitating a streamlined process for prospective grantees in recognition of the critical work the nonprofit community conducts and the many hurdles organizations have to jump through when applying for funding. Araceli is interested in the dialogues around inclusive and effective philanthropy and the distribution of resources to communities most in need.

Araceli comes to PFS as a former Senior Paralegal with extensive knowledge of the immigration legal system. She has volunteered at the San Francisco immigration court and at legal clinics throughout the Bay Area as an interpreter for pro bono attorneys. Araceli has also worked in the non-profit sector in the Bay Area and the greater North Bay as a fierce advocate for underserved communities, connecting them to the information, tools, resources, and services necessary to build an empowered to advocate for themselves.

Araceli graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Outside of work, Araceli likes finding new beaches and exploring the great outdoors near and far with her dog. She enjoys cooking family recipes, dancing and staying connected to her indigenous roots.