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Gamble Foundation


The Gamble Foundation nurtures local communities by growing grassroots organizations and advancing their missions. We steward the foundation and collaborate on emerging, sustainable solutions to meet community needs.


We pursue innovative solutions to the challenges of our communities. We partner with organizations to fund their leadership, strategy, and capacity through trust-based, general support.



The Foundation’s current theme of Regenerative Agriculture reflects the family’s historical practice of land stewardship. Further, stewardship is also reflected in the Foundation’s practice of growing the endowment so that successive generations of the family can collectively support their communities through philanthropy.

Active Citizenship

The Foundation encourages family participation in our communities and shares the responsibility to make communities better, healthier, and more fulfilling for all.


We consciously address the challenges of the present generation without compromising the future.


Board Members advance the Foundation’s Mission and Vision, regularly share decisions with family members, and welcome participation across the family.


We strive for an open, learning environment with vibrant engagement where new ideas are welcome and mistakes, and their lessons, are celebrated, shared, and learned from.


Conservation seeks the proper use of nature where Preservation seeks protection of nature from use. These approaches seem unnecessarily at odds in a world pressured by growing demands on the existing resource base. Regenerative Agriculture seeks to sustain farmers, resources and communities by promoting management practices and methods that are profitable, environmentally sound, and good for communities. The intersection is a more holistic approach.

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