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Sand Hill Foundation is driven by optimism about the resilience and hopefulness of the human spirit. We partner with and fund locally-based organizations to strengthen economic stability and wellness among families with low-income and to advance advocacy efforts that create a more sustainable environment in our home community of San Mateo County.

Strategic Priorities

Grantmaking and staff time will be dedicated to community-based organizations serving young people and families with low-income7 who experience the greatest barriers and challenges in San Mateo County. Resources will be directed to organizations and collaborative efforts that provide pathways to economic security and wellness for residents, and protection of our surrounding natural assets.

Sand Hill Foundation advances its mission by focusing its efforts in San Mateo County and supporting locally-based nonprofits working in three areas: Opportunity, Wellness, and Environment.

Opportunity – Building family economic stability
Funding in this category will support:

  • College access and completion
  • Job training and entrepreneurship
  • Housing security

Wellness – Promoting mental health and well-being
Funding in this category will support:

  • Prevention and early intervention mental health services
  • Mental health systems change
  • Environmental education and outdoor access

Environment – Advocating for nature and sustainable communities
Funding in this category will support community engagement for:

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Open space preservation
  • Sustainable agriculture

At Sand Hill Foundation, we believe that a community’s ability to thrive is determined by the combination of equitable opportunity, commitment, and heart. A community dedicated to taking care of its people and its environment, year after year, is a community that will prosper.
Ash McNeely
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
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